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This folder only appears after you have started a simulation. It is created by the LCC - relative to the LCCs location - to store logs of the running script and Middleware. Some of its parts are deleted with each simulation - recording, Labcam, Middleware, HLC and remote_script logs. These change / become invalid with each new run.


On HLCs, the same folder exists (for the guest user), also at .../software/../lcc_script_logs. It gets deleted and recreated (including its contents) every time a new remote simulation is started.

Weitere Log-Dateien

Zusätzlich zu obigem Output erzeugt der CPM Logger mit jeder Ausführung Log-Dateien mit dem Namen Log_#Datum_#Uhrzeit.csv. Diese werden im selben Ordner erstellt, in dem das LCC aufgerufen wurde.