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Should the communication with the MLC fail repeatedly, the LLC will enter a safe mode. The motor is commanded to brake. The safe mode is indicated by flashing all LEDs.

Device Programming, Fuses

When programming the ATmega for the first time, the following fuses must be changed.

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If vehicle is behaving irregularly i.e. servo steering is acting erratic, LEDs timing appears off, this is most likely due to an issue with the clock.


  1. Fuse LOW.CKDIV8 (should be unchecked), LOW.SUT_CKSEL (should be Ext. Cyrstal Osc.: 8.0- MHz; Start-up time: 16CK + 65ms)
  2. Check external crystal oscillater on bottom side of board using oscilloscope (should be 16MHz)


By setting a jumper, a test mode is activated. This allows testing the inputs and outputs without the MLC.