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The Lab Control Center (LCC) is a GUI tool that allows monitoring and control for various aspects of the lab. It has two main purposes,

  1. to start and stop an experiment, and
  2. to visualize the current state of the experiment.

Start the LCC from the start menu. It should look somewhat like this:

After starting a simulation, it should look like this:

You can also start it from the bash script in the LabControlCenter folder, which accepts the following parameters: 



Set the domain in which the communication should take place. Communication in different domains cannot interfere, so different versions of the LCC can be run at the same time - if desired - as long as different domain IDs are used for the different local test scenarios. More information about domains can be found here.

All real vehicles use domain ID 21.

--dds_initial_peer=Stringrtps@udpv4://, if the RTI Cloud Discovery Service was started on the Lab's main computer.
--number_of_vehicles=Integer (up to 255)Set the range of vehicle IDs from 1 to number_of_vehicles - these can then be selected in the UI

Further information on the UI elements can be found in the sub pages:

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