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Online-indicators for NUCs

The UI indicates how many NUCs are online. The UI shows you how many NUCs are currently online (matching might take up to a minute after the NUCs have been booted and your program has started.) This can be useful for debugging or to find out on how many NUCs you can remotely deploy your program before, for the rest of your selected vehicles, the computation for those takes place locally. You can expand the section by clicking on the little triangle, thus revealing the IDs of the HLCs which are currently online: 

If the entry stays empty, you need to check what went wrong. Potential errors are:

  • You are using the wrong domain ID (DDS) for the LCC. If LCC and NUCs are not within the same DDS domain, they cannot discover each other. Please check which ID you need to use.
  • Packages are missing on the NUCs. In this case, upload packages are missing on the main PC or the NUCs have not been set up correctly (e.g. the autostart task, see requirements)
  • The NUCs or your PC are not connected to the same network
  • You are not using the main Lab PC (which is recommended for remote deployment)
  • The NUCs crashed

The following section Reboot HLCs allows you to reboot HLCs of your choice. You again need to click on the little triangle. An input will appear:

You can find out what to enter here if you hover over the input. You can either enter a comma-separated list that the LCC is supposed to remotely reboot (you can check if that worked by examining the online HLCs simultaneously), or you can enter a '*' to tell the LCC to reboot all currently connected NUCs.

Crash checks for your programs

As soon as you actually deploy your programs, and after the scripts have been uploaded, the LCC also starts checking if their corresponding tmux sessions (middleware and script) are still running.

Errors are reported in the UI if that it not the case anymore (e.g. with a popup similar to local crash checks, and in the monitoring window for each vehicle).

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