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The Cyber-Physical Mobility Group is part of the Chair of Embedded Software at RWTH Aachen University. Our research in the field of Cyber-Physical Mobility focuses on the interdisciplinary intersection of control engineering, mathematical optimization, communications, embedded software, and perception. Our research interests include distributed decision-making and verification, service-oriented software architecture, machine learning and their applications to networked and autonomous vehicles.

We conduct various projects in this research area funded by public organizations and industrial partners. The Cyber-Physical Mobility Lab is our group-wide project that makes our research results tangible, both for the scientific staff as well as for students.
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Open Positions

We are always looking for motivated and ambitious students to join our team. Initiative applications are welcome. Please include in your application: transcript of records (Bachelor and possibly Master), CV, and certificates.

Dr.-Ing. Bassam Alrifaee

I contribute to the Lab architecture and lead the CPM Group in research and eduction.

Ole Greß, M.Sc.

I contribute to the Lab software and conduct research in the SOMC project.

Alexandru Kampmann, M.Sc.

I contribute to the Lab infrastructure and conduct research in the  UNICARagil project.

Maximilian Kloock, M.Sc.

I contribute to the Lab software architecture and conduct research in the  AutoKnigge project.

Maximilian Lüer, M.Sc.

I contribute to the Lab infrastructure and do research in the UNICARagil project.

Armin Mokhtarian, M.Sc.

I contribute to the Lab remote access and conduct research in the  UNICARagil project.

Simon Schäfer, M.Sc.

I contribute to the Lab’s software and do research on sensor data fusion.

Patrick Scheffe, M.Sc.

I contribute to the Lab vehicles and localization and conduct research in the  GROKO-Plan project.

Current Student Members

Georg Dorndorf
Lucas Hegerath
Marius Hasselbach
Julius Kahle
Paul Kailer
Hendrik Steidl

Former Student Members

Carlos Yeverino
Celina Kalus
Christoph Frauzem
Feras Mulhem
Hannah Spallek
Isabelle Tülleners
Jan Brüggenjürgen
Janis Maczijewski
Johannes Rolf
Leon Gentges
Leon Rabanus
Melek Altuntas
Philip Kindermann
Robert Meyer
Robin Münstermann
Thomas Schemmer
Valerie Pfannschmidt

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