Please follow steps to flash ATmega with current CPM ATmega Firmware.

Steps require Main Vehicle PCB to be connected to vehicle to provide power

1. Atmel Studio 7.0

  1. Start Atmel Studio 7.0
  2. Load current vehicle firmware solution "vehicle_atmega2560_firmware.atsln"

2. ICE Programmer

Make sure vehicle is powered off before connecting the programmer!

  1. Check pinout of Programmer, Vehicle and Connector Cable:

  2. With vehicle power OFF, connect ICE programmer AVR Port to JTAG header.
  3. Connect ICE programmer with USB cable to PC.

3. Fuses

  1. Turn ON vehicle
  2. Connect to ATmega Chip with Tools→Device Programming
    1. Click Apply
    2. Click Read
  3. Set the correct fuses (see table and screenshot below)
  4. Click Program
FuseCorrect Setting
HIGH.EESAVEOptional i.e. checked or unchecked


LOW.SUT_CKSELExt. Crystal Osc. 8.0- MHz; Start-up time: 16 CK + 65ms

If vehicle is behaving irregularly i.e. servo steering is acting erratic, LEDs timing appears off, this is most likely due to an issue with the clock.

  1. Check the above settings again. 
  2. Check external crystal oscillator on bottom side of board using oscilloscope (should be 16MHz)

4. Flash ATmega

  1. Flash chip using Start without Debugging

  2. Turn OFF vehicle
  3. Disconnect programmer

5. Tests

By setting a jumper, a test mode is activated. This allows testing the inputs and outputs without the MLC.

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