Prerequisite is that the Experiment is set up.

Start HLC from the LCC

  1. On the right, go to the Setup tab
  2. In the script path, select the desired HLC.
  3. Click Deploy.
  4. On the right, go to the Timer tab
  5. Wait for the timer with the ID middleware to show up.
  6. Click Start.
  7. Let your experiment run as desired.
  8. Click Stop and Reset in the Timer tab.
  9. On the right, go to the Setup tab
  10. Click Kill in the Setup tab.

Start HLC externally

There are multiple reasons you might want to run an HLC from outside the LCC, e.g., for easier debugging.

Repeat the steps as above, but in step 3, you leave the HLC path blank and run your HLC externally (e.g. in MATLAB or in a terminal for a C++ script).

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