We already have a NUC image prepared. It was copied onto a SSD which, in combination with an USB stick with Clonezilla, can be used to 'flash' new NUCs.

Install Procedure

  1. Insert both the SSD (via an USB adapter) and the stick with clonezilla into the NUC and power it on.
  2. Press F10 to get into the boot menu, and select the image on the clonezilla stick
  3. The process of using Clonezilla has already been documented here.
  4. Make sure to select 850_EVO as source - this is the image on the SSD. The NUCs usually use an M2 stick.


  • Router settings: You need to register the MAC address of the NUC and set a fixed IP address for it, following the mask, where xx corresponds to the ID of the NUC. Check if that actually worked after setting it.
  • Known hosts: You need to connect to the NUC (ssh guest@, no password required) once on the main computer to store it as known host (you will be requested to do so). Otherwise, uploads using "Deploy Distributed" in the LCC won't work remotely (so only locally, on the same machine, not on the NUC).
  • LCC test: Boot the NUC (connected to the network via LAN) and see if it appears as being online in the LCC. This might take a while, but usually not more than 2 minutes.


NUC gets stuck in Ubuntus boot screen after cloning the image from another NUC using Clonezilla?

  • Connect NUC to network using an Ethernet connection

NUC shows Error: out of memory Press any key to continue... at first startup?

  • Change default choice of GRUB
    1. Restart
    2. Select Advanced options for Ubuntu (should be 2nd option)
    3. Try using an older Kernel; not (recovery mode); memorize the number x of the entry, counted from top to bottom, starting at 0
    4. Login as controller
    5. Open Terminal and run sudo <editor of your choice> /etc/default/grub
    6. Change the Line GRUB_DEFAULT=0 to GRUB_DEFAULT="1>x" where x is the number of the entry you want to be chosen by default
    7. Save file and close editor
    8. Run sudo update-grub
    9. Restart and check whether the NUC starts without interacting with the GRUB-Menu

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