This page will guide you through the installation process of the Lab:

  1. Install  Ubuntu 18.04.
  2. Create the folder '~/dev' and open it in a terminal:

    cd ~
    mkdir dev
    cd dev
  3. Clone the CPM Lab software repository:

    git clone software

  4. Prepare to run our installation script by getting a license.dat-file for the RTI DDS Connext Service (ask your supervisor if you are a student or get into contact with RTI). This is not required if you are running the eProsima version (which is not yet present in the master branch).
  5.  Run our script to install all necessary components.  In the software folder you have just cloned you find

    todofull installationsimulation setup only
    cd software/
    sudo bash
    cd software/
    sudo bash --simulation
    What will it install?Unbuntu packagesUnbuntu packages

    Joystick/ GamepadJoystick/ Gamepad

    RTI DDS Connext or eProsimaRTI DDS Connext or eProsima

    RTI ARM or eProsima ARM

    OpenCV 4.0 for the Indoor Positioning System

    Basler Pylon 5 for the Indoor Positioning System and lab camera

    Change DDS Domain

    If you want to change the DDS Domain later, change the corresponding variable DDS_DOMAIN in /etc/profile.d/

    The following domain IDs are used in the CPM Lab:

    Domain IDPurpose
    21Lab (main computer, NUCs, vehicles)
    61-66Student computers

    Change RTI license file

    If you want to update your license file, change the file at: /opt/rti_connext_dds-6.0.0/rti_license.dat
  6. Reboot your PC.

  7. Optional:
    Setup MATLAB. As a student from RWTH, you can do this with a MathWorks account following these instructions.
    For RTI DDS: Download the DDS Support Package for MATLAB and install the toolbox. The native DDS addon that ships with MATLAB versions from 2021a only supports Simulink. If you are going to code in MATLAB, install the corresponding package from the link.

    To use MATLAB  with eProsima, look here.

    Make sure to create a symbolic link to the MATLAB binary during or after the setup!

  8. Run the build script.

    full setuponly simulation setup
    ./build_all.bash --simulation


  • If you
    • encounter unexpected errors
    • have problems during the building process
    • receive an error regarding timing issues of unittests

make sure that the software is up to date and built correctly with

cd ~/dev/software/
git pull 
git clean -xdf 
  • If you ever run build_all.bash  as root , you might run into a lot of permission denied  errors. You need to delete all files and folders that were created and rerun as your usual user.

  • If you receive an error like "dds/someheader.h" not found, run the command "rtiddsgen", which should build the necessary cpp-files
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