eProsima is used for real-time communication between programs and devices. It implements a publish-subscribe pattern and serialization/deserialization for the messages. It is mandatory.

If you use one of the RTI branches, take a look at RTI DDS Setup.

General Installation

This is covered by the install.sh script in the software folder of the repository, in point 3. 

The path to the toolchain is set there as well. BUT: The toolchain is currently not part of the install script.

How to Install the Toolchain

The Toolchain is required to build for the Raspberry Pi / for the vehicles (cross-compilation). 

It can be downloaded using this link https://rwth-aachen.sciebo.de/s/aw1UGIULZGV4L07

The Toolchain must be put in /opt/cross-pi-gcc.

Installation on the NUC

The script install_eprosima_on_nuc.bash should include all required information and can be found in the software folder of the repository.

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