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NUC gets stuck in Ubuntus boot screen after cloning the image from another NUC using Clonezilla?

  • Connect NUC to network using an Ethernet connection

NUC shows Error: out of memory Press any key to continue... at first startup?

  • Change default choice of GRUB
    1. Restart
    2. Select Advanced options for Ubuntu (should be 2nd option)
    3. Try using an older Kernel; not (recovery mode); memorize the number x of the entry, counted from top to bottom, starting at 0
    4. Login as controller
    5. Open Terminal and run sudo <editor of your choice> /etc/default/grub
    6. Change the Line GRUB_DEFAULT=0 to GRUB_DEFAULT="1>x" where x is the number of the entry you want to be chosen by default
    7. Save file and close editor
    8. Run sudo update-grub
    9. Restart and check whether the NUC starts without interacting with the GRUB-Menu