The µCars are connected and automated model-scale vehicles (with a scale of 1:18) with Ackermann steering geometry developed for experiments in research and education. The vehicle is open-source, moderately costed, and highly flexible, which allows for many applications. It obtains its pose (position and orientation) via WLAN from the IPS and is equipped with an inertial measurement unit and an odometer. The μCar is based on the XRAY M18 PRO LiPo Kit (PN 380003). It is combined with other off-the-shelf components and custom electronics.


Physical representation


Vehicle length

220 mm

Vehicle width

107 mm

Vehicle height

70 mm

Wheelbase150 mm

Min. radius of curvature for steering

0.3 m

Max. steering angle35 deg

Max. speed (limited by software)

2.3 m/s


500 g

Weight distribution front:back0.48:0.52
Weight distribution left:right0.56:0.44




Off-the-shelf components:

  • Gens Ace 3500 mAh 7.4V 2S LiPo Battery Pack
  • Hitec Servo D89MW
  • Motor Johnson NF113LG-011
  • Pololu VNH5019 Motor Driver Carrier
  • Adafruit BNO055 Absolute Orientation Sensor
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Microchip AVR ATmega2560

Custom electronics:

  • For connecting COTS components
  • Battery protection
  • Magnetic odometer
  • Position LEDs
  • Switch, fuse, charging connector

All components are connected via a printed circuit board.


Vehicle Assembly

PCB Assembly

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