On the bottom, you see variables related to the vehicles (vehicle state data and the IPS poses) that are exchanged via DDS. Values are color coded green, yellow or red according to expected values. This makes is possible to quickly check if all vehicles are operating normally. You can reset this view anytime using the Reset View button.

You also find information regarding the runtime of the currently running experiment, HLCs / NUCs that are currently online and RoundTripTime values (computed when no computation is performed) to the HLCs / NUCs and vehicles.

Round Trip Time

More information can be found here.

HLC/NUC Monitoring

More information can be found here.

VehicleState age

This is roughly the duration since the last VehicleState Message was received.

The when the LCC receives a new message it saves the current time last_state_msg = t_now  and in the UI it displays last_state_msg - t_now . Thus the shown VehicleState age does not necissarily have to correspond with the actual age of the information that the LCC has about the vehicle this would be vehicleState.header().create_stamp() - t_now .